student agreement

Our Remote Learning infographic outlines six ‘Student Agreements’ necessary for effective online learning. Each agreement is broken down below:

1. Follow your regular class schedule on the remote learning bell times.
  • The modified bell times apply for remote learning. You can find the schedule for the Bell Times here.

  • Homeroom will continue during remote learning. Students are to check-in during this time.

  • Students can contact teachers during regular school hours — 8:30am to 3:10pm.

2. Be on time for all virtual classes as attendance will be taken.
  • Absentees will be recorded as normal.

3. Teachers are available during your scheduled lesson time.
  • During this time, students can contact their teacher via Teams Video Call or through the Teams Channel Chat feature.

4. Attend scheduled Teams Video Calls.
  • Students should always use earphones/ headphones during video calls to avoid unnecessary sound feedback.

  • During this time, teachers will mark attendance and explain the lesson content and activities.

5. Check all lessons in SEQTA/ Seesaw. Teachers will post material for your classes before 8:00am.
  • If your class is using OneNote, it is recommended that students save completed work in their class notebooks or as directed by the teacher.

6. Notify the classroom teacher for any technical problems immediately.
  • Students’ concerns may be passed directly onto our IT Help Desk staff.

Student responsibilities during remote learning 

These responsibilities should be adjusted according to the age of your child: 

  • Establishing and/or following a daily routine for learning. 

  • Identifying a safe, comfortable, quiet space in their home where they can work effectively and successfully. 

  • Regularly monitoring digital platforms and communication to check for announcements and feedback from teachers. 

  • Completing with integrity and academic honesty, doing their best work. 

  • Doing their best to meet timelines and commitments. 

  • Communicating proactively with their teachers if they cannot meet deadlines or require additional support. 

  • Collaborating and supporting their classmates in their learning. 

  • Complying with the Information and Communication Technology Agreement (Years 7 to 11), and the Electronic Devices section from the School Handbook. 

  • Seeking out and communicating with school staff as different needs arise. 

  • Wearing school uniform or sport uniform during live online sessions. 

  • Ensuring that when in live sessions, the student is not in their bedroom and that they take care of choosing a space where the background is free from negative or offensive imagery. 

  • Abide by the School’s guidelines for behaviour 

  • Do not share links, videos or any other material that has been sent by your teacher on any other platforms including social media. 

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