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Updated: May 5, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians, The Learning Support Team has been busy planning how to connect with each of the students and families we provide support to. We very much value the daily teaching connection that we have with your children and are greatly missing it.

Self-isolation has presented many unprecedented global challenges impacting daily work and school life. At Wahroonga Adventist School, transitioning to online learning has resulted in many new hurdles to navigate for students, parents and teachers.

Next term, the Learning Support Team, is planning to connect with students to, guide and support online learning, supporting both the new content and technology platforms. We want you to know that we are endeavouring to understand and support your child’s learning needs as best as possible using the available online tools.

The Learning Support Team will be working closely with each classroom teacher and together we will endeavour to help those children who need extra support. This will include students we have been working with prior to online learning as well as those students who may be struggling going forward with schooling from home. We will do our best to support as many students as we can during this time of change.

Our Learning Support Team’s aim is to connect with the students we support, both individually and in small groups. We aim to provide these “individual” or “small group” connections once or twice per week. It may happen more often where needs require it and the constraints of the current learning situation permit.

These Learning Support connection meetings are important. They offer your child support and opportunities for them to openly express genuine questions and the learning needs that they may have. The small group interactions also provide opportunity for students to connect with each other in a safe and supportive way. To create this kind of environment and minimise distractions for all participants, we ask that you assist us by allowing Learning Support connection meetings to occur without direct parent supervision. We have found that students are often more hesitant to disclose learning difficulties in front of parents, especially someone else’s parents (for small group work). Instead, we encourage you to follow-up with your child at the end of each session to discuss and reinforce what they are learning and take this time as an opportunity to have a break for yourself or get something else completed. To ensure the safety of all Learning Support participants, all sessions will be recorded. Please ensure that your child has access to a professional and safe space to engage in these meetings.

Thank you for your patience, time and attention as we endeavour to navigate this changing landscape. We recognise that you are the most valuable contributor to supporting your child in this new, changing and challenging learning situation.    

As a Learning Support Team, we continue to support your child with professionalism, care and compassion. We eagerly look forward to school returning in Term 2 with these additional connect meetings as we greatly miss the personal interactions with each of the children.    

Take extra care during this difficult time. With Kindest Regards, Tania Curnuck, Lee-Ann Heise, Julie Sutton and Ben Ashby (Learning Support Team)

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