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Welcome to the Remote Learning site for Wahroonga Adventist School. This is the central point for student and parents to access key information about our 'Continuous Learning' approach this term and until the Government instructs us to resume normal operations.

The website will help you to:

  • prepare for learning in the online classroom.

  • answer questions about how to make the most of my learning while learning remotely.

  • access technology support

Remote Learning in Years 7 -11 provides rich learning experiences that are aligned with the curriculum. These experiences offer authentic opportunities to focus on key knowledge, concepts, and skills. 

Students & Parents can access their learning activities through SEQTA. 



Continuous Learning in Secondary will continue to emphasise quality instruction, interaction, inquiry, response, practice and creativity. Continuous Learning is intended to provide learning materials and assessment opportunities that follow the current written course outlines and set syllabuses, in order to maintain learning and readiness for internal and external assessments. Learning activities will involve both technology and materials readily available at home. 

In response to the unprecedented circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Wahroonga Adventist School has developed a remote learning strategy to ensure your child continues to receive the best possible education. Through our ICT network and established systems, we have the opportunity to utilise online tools for communication and educational delivery.


By following our remote learning plan, your child will have access to subject content and teacher instructions for each of their curriculum subjects every day. Our main platforms for remote learning are:

 •   SEQTA Your child should use SEQTA to find instructions and content for each of their daily lessons. Assessment data will also continue to be updated accordingly by their class teacher.

•   Teams Your child is already part of a Teams channel for each of their curriculum classes. Teams should be used by your child as a communications tool to check in with their teachers each lesson.



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“In order to create an
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the role of instructor is optional,
but the role of learner is essential.”
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