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What happens if our internet connection at home is poor?

For students with poor internet, you may not be able to access the live video conference with your classmates. The primary communication function between students and staff using Microsoft Teams is the Post (text based chat) function, which only requires low-speed internet. If you are in Yr 9-11 and without reliable internet connection for a prolonged period that compromises your ability to complete tasks and/ or assignments, please make contact with our HSC & Careers Coordinator, Mr Tyson Dunne. Teachers will record at least part of their lesson and this will be accessible to download and view when you have better access to the internet and will be found within the SEQTA Online Lesson. If you miss a lesson due to internet speed, you can always catch up after the lesson as there is no expiry date on the recording. For any student who cannot access the materials needed for your lesson, liaise directly with your classroom teacher in the first instance who may be able to display online and/ or send the materials to you to download at a later time.

How do I download Microsoft Teams?

For students in years 7-11, Microsoft Teams should have been loaded on to your school issued device automatically. Alternatively, it can be accessed online through your Office365 Portal. For students in K-6, you can download it here.

What if I am having IT issues during a lesson?

Your first point of call is your classroom teacher. If your audio is not working during a class, try sending a message to your teacher in the chat section of your Teams class. If your Teams app isn't working, email your teacher and let them know you are having difficulty with accessing the lesson content. If you are having technical issues, please contact IT Helpdesk. The IT Team will work with you remotely using Microsoft Teams / screen sharing to rectify any IT issues with you in real time. Note: Emails to the IT Helpdesk must be done using the official school issued email address. Any other attempts using alternate email addresses will not be received by the server.

How do I access the online classroom/ Teams meeting?

When you receive an invitation to join, you should remember:

  • Click on 'Join Now', this will bring you into the online classroom.
  • On the toolbar, click on the microphone and camera to mute the sound and turn off the camera.
  • From time to time, the teacher will check in and ask you if you understand, have completed the activity or if you need help. You can respond using text or the following emojis to signal where you are at with your learning.
  • Thumbs up - "I understand, I've finished the current task"
  • Wave - "I have a question/ I need help"
Your teacher may ask you to share your ideas. If this happens:
  • unmute your microphone and speak your answer. Everyone in the online classroom will hear you.

How do I use Teams?

The following videos will provide details of how to use Microsoft Teams.

Are there rules around recording lessons and sharing recordings of lessons?

The classroom teacher is responsible for recording the key instructional aspects of each lesson. This recording will be shared in both the Teams space and SEQTA Online Lesson approximately 10 mins after the lessons ends. Students are not permitted to make personal recordings or share recordings of lessons outside of the Wahroonga Adventist School community.

How do I use OneNote?

The following video will provide details of how to use Microsoft OneNote.


How do I know if I have an assessment task coming up?

Refer to the assessment schedule on SEQTA in 'School Documents'. You will also be notified on SEQTA in 'Upcoming Assessments'.

Will my assessment tasks still go ahead?

You will be notified ahead of time by your teacher or the Curriculum Coordinator, Mrs Sophie Stojanovic, of any changes to the Assessment Calendar. As communicated on 27 April, all secondary exams for Semester 1 have been cancelled. Most subjects will create a supplementary task that can be completed. This will be communicated with you a minimum of 2 weeks before the task is due, and will be online with the assessment handbook protocols.

What if I am sick and cannot do an assessment task?

Email your teacher and complete an 'Illness/ Misadventure Form'. You can access the form in SEQTA under 'School Documents'. For students in years 9-11, you must have a medical certificate to attach to your form. Your teacher will arrange an alternate date for you to complete the task. Illness/Masadventure Form Stage 4 (Years 7 & 8) Stage 5 (Years 9 & 10) Stage 6 (Year 11)

What if I can submit my task but it is not my best work due to lack of resources?

Email your teacher ahead of time so hopefully the problem can be resolved. Year 11 only - If it cannot be resolved, you can complete an Illness and Misadventure Form with a detailed explanation of your problem for consideration.

What do I do if I need an extension on a task?

Email your teacher with a detailed explanation and evidence as to why you need an extension. This should be completed 3 days before the due date. Complete the Extension Form with a detailed explanation as to why you need an extension.

When will I do all my assessment tasks that have been postponed?

  • You will be notified as soon as possible for an alternative date for all your assessments via SEQTA and in each subject area.
  • A new Assessment Calendar will be issued to accommodate assessment tasks in multiple subjects.
  • Time to catch up on practical skills for relevant subjects will be taken into account.
  • Please email the Curriculum Coordinator, Mrs Sophie Stojanovic, if you are concerned or have further questions.

What if I don't have a printer?

You should not need a printer to complete any hand in assessment tasks. Email your teacher if there is a problem for a specific task. For example, in a Maths test, you can write your solutions on a piece of paper, scan your answers using an app (e.g CamScanner) on your phone and email your answers to your teacher.

What if I am concerned about not being able to see my teachers close to an assessment task?

Your teacher will still be available to help you as if you were at school. You can request help via email, or a meeting may be set up via Teams between the times of 8:30 - 3:10pm.

How do I view my Assessment Handbook & Calendar?

Every subject/course in SEQTA contains an assessment outline for the entire academic year. The Assessment Calendar covers the current Term. Both of these can be found in SEQTA > School Documents.

The outline in the handbook provides details of each assessment including the description and percentage contributing to the report and the time frame. An Assessment Calendar covering the Term can also be found.

Do I need to complete assessments?

Yes. Students will be required to complete assessments online. Some assessments might be altered to suit online learning. Any changes to the schedule will be communicated via email.

Students in Stages 5 and 6 will receive an N-Warning Letter if a formal assessment is not submitted.


Can I continue learning if I am not on campus?

All classroom teachers have already been delivering lessons online using Microsoft Teams. This will continue until your year group is onsite fulltime. You will be able to join, participate in, and leave each subject classroom in real time. Each lesson will continue to run according to the modified timetable which can be accessed via SEQTA.

Will I follow my normal timetable?

Term 2: Your lessons will run according to an adjusted timetable published on SEQTA, and will be supported with Live Lessons (Teams Meetings) using Microsoft Teams. This will continue until your class has transitioned to onsite, face-to-face classes. You will be sent details about any Teams through Seesaw or SEQTA. Term 2 - Week 5: When all year groups are back fulltime, you will begin following your regular timetable - including subjects and times.

If I need help that is not related to my learning, where can I access help/support?

For Wellbeing concerns, please contact your homeroom teacher in the first instance, they will liaise with the Wellbeing Coordinator where necessary.

  • Information on these sites can be found on the Wellbeing page.
  • You can find additional support on other websites such as Beyond Blue, Reach Out and eHeadspace.

What happens if I need support or usually receive educational support in the classroom?

We understand that remote learning is a new approach to learning that may be uncomfortable to some students. If you need additional support, please contact your classroom teacher via email or the Teams Chat as your first point of call. If you need further support, please contact the Learning Support Team. The Learning Support Team will be available during school hours and accessible to those students who already have a working relationship with a member of this department. You will have access to the support staff via the Learning Support Team.

What can I do to get ready for my online lesson?

You can do the following:

  • Have Teams open on your device.
  • Ensure that you have the relevant worksheets/ materials open. Aim to have reviewed this material prior to your lesson.
  • Have writing material and stationery available.
  • Ensure the relevant applications and/or software needed for your subject are downloaded and open.

When I am online, what is my teacher expecting of me?

  • You are expected to behave as you would in a face to face class - with respect.
  • Your interactions with your teacher and class mates should be respectful and courteous at all times.
  • Think carefully about how you contribute to conversations, as your posts cannot be deleted.
  • You are expected to contribute to all online activities that your teacher sets.
  • Your teacher will not be online for the entire lesson.
  • You should complete the work set by your teacher by the end of the scheduled lesson.
  • Any unfinished work should be completed prior to your next lesson.

Where will I find my worksheets and class materials that the teacher will expect me to use?

All worksheets and classroom materials can be found on SEQTA for secondary students or Seesaw for primary students. Your teacher will direct you towards the resources and materials you need to use and consult. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email and/or message your teacher directly.

What should I do when my teacher is explaining the lesson online?

Your teacher will deliver some information online. Sometimes the information they deliver via Teams will vary. They may describe, explain, analyse and/or evaluate a topic, idea, problem, text, concept and/or subject specific question - you should listen actively and write brief notes as they talk. Remember, relevant parts of the lesson will be recorded so you can always revisit it later if you have forgotten something or need to listen to it again. Your teacher may outline and explain an activity that they want you to complete - listen and ask questions in the Chat to clarify if you have any questions. Always reach out and seek clarification from your teacher if you are confused. You can do this by writing a comment in the Teams Chat or send an email.

How do I ask a question when in the online classroom?

Alert your teacher using the wave emoji or submit the question via the Teams Chat window. Teachers or Head of School may be emailed if a student has any questions.

Will I still be able to collaborate with my peers?

Students will have opportunities to collaborate with their peers in a variety of ways. This could be via collaboration space OneNote or and during Team meetings.

When should I expect my teacher to respond to my emails?

Teachers will respond to your emails as soon as possible but please allow up to 48 hours. As a rule, you should expect your teacher to be available between the hours of 8.30am and 4.00pm each school day. Please don't expect responses outside of these hours.

What are the expectations of students in the online classroom?

  • Demonstrate respect in the online classroom by following instructions and actively engaging in and contributing to each activity
  • Be polite in all interactions and use appropriate language in all interactions
  • Practice patience - we are learning together. Some students may need more time than others to understand. Be mindful that your teacher is actively working to consider and cater for the needs of all students in the classroom.
  • Be prompt to online lessons. Rolls will be marked at the beginning of lessons. Please notify your teacher if you are late or cannot attend an online lesson with an explanation.
  • Wear your Full Winter or Sports uniform
  • Participate and ask questions. If you need to ask a question, use the Wave (type (hi) ) emoji or type your question into the Chat box

How can I prepare for online learning?

It is important to setup a quiet and safe space that is conducive to learning. It may take a few days to get into the habit of working online. Refer to the Learning environment checklist (PDF 378KB) for more advice.

How to work effectively in groups when online?

Your teacher can create a private channel for you and your group members in a class Team. This will allow you to collaborate with your classmates whilst being able to get advice from your teacher on project or class work.

How will I submit coursework when learning online?

Your teacher will advise how you should submit your coursework.

  • Generally, primary students will submit their work through seesaw.
  • For Secondary students this will vary teacher to teacher and may be through OneNote, MyEd Online (SEQTA) or other means.

Will I continue to receive teacher feedback on my work? What form will it take?

Yes, your teacher will provide you with instructions of where you can submit work during class and will provide feedback to you. This will vary teacher to teacher and could take the form of written, verbal or even a 'like' or' virtual 'sticker' in Seesaw.

What happens if I need help with my coursework?

Please contact your classroom teacher for support, if you usually get assistance from the Learning Support team.


What do I need to know about sickness and absences?

Sickness and absences: If you are sick, your parent should contact the School office and provide details of your illness as per normal process. Your classroom teacher will mark you absent on the class roll. Parts of every lesson will be recorded. You will be able to access the recordings in the Online Lessons section of SEQTA. There is no expiry date on these recordings so you will be able to catch up on your work in your own time. Quarantine/ self-isolation: If you are in quarantine/self-isolation, you can still participate in your lessons online. What if my teacher is sick? The teacher will set work for your lesson as per normal protocol. If we are on campus, your class will be covered by another member of staff.

How will attendance be monitored?

Classroom teachers will continue to keep track of attendance. Parents will be contacted when there is a pattern of non-attendance in the Teams classroom space or there is a lack of academic engagement with the learning activities. We are treating incomplete work as we would normally and will follow NESA policy and guidelines around non submission of work.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

Lessons will be recorded using Microsoft Teams and teachers will also post information in the SEQTA Online Lessons. Lesson recordings will be displayed in the resources section of the relevant subject, approximately 5 to 10 minutes after the lesson has ended. If you miss a lesson for any reason, you will still have access to the lesson via this recording. You will be able to view these recordings online in your own time. You can view recordings after the class ends, should there be interruptions due to internet connectivity. There is no expiry date on these recordings.

How will my teacher know I am there? What if I am late to the lesson?

When in the online classroom, your teacher will conduct a roll call. You can show your teacher that you are present by following their instructions and liking their post or using the 'thumbs up' emoji in the Chat box. If you are late in joining the lesson (Teams meeting), click on Join Now on the invitation and type a message to your teacher in the Chat. For example, "Hi Mr/ Mrs... sorry I am late. Can you mark my name on the roll?'

When will I have a break during the day?

You will have a break during Recess and lunchtime as per normal timetable. It is important for you to use these times as rest breaks from your screen, to eat and to engage in other activities not associated with technology.

When will normal face-to-face learning resume?

The State Government has indicated that NSW public schools will have a staggered return to face-to-face learning, commencing in Week 3 of Term 2 (May 11), and that it is hoped that schools will operate as normal from the start of Term 3. The State Government has acknowledged that this path will vary from school to school.

As an Independent school, Wahroonga Adventist School will take into account all government advice at this time about suggested plans for students across the state returning to school. We have developed a plan which seeks to allow our students to return to onsite learning in a safe and sustainable manner which meets the specific needs of our community.

More information on the new model and operational changes has been provided to parents and students during Week 1 of Term 2 to let you know the plan for the remainder of the term. Please refer to the Term 2 Face-to-face FAQ

What if my child is sick?

Attendance will be recorded by the teacher in SEQTA as normal. If your child is sick, you should notify the school by logging a Skoolbag 'absence notifcation' or email Student Services at

Is my child still expected to wear school uniform?

Yes, students are required to wear the school sports uniform during remote learning video calls. The normal expectations and standards as per the school Code of Conduct apply.

How will I know if their teacher is absent?

Teachers will notify students of their absence before 8:00am each school day to let them know that the Teams Video Call will be cancelled. Teachers will still provide learning materials and instructions for the lesson as per usual.


Will Chapel continue to run?

No. The Chaplains will post a weekly pre-recorded chapel. They will also post messages, prayers, community outreach activities or post podcasts to listen to. Please keep an eye out. Past chapels can also be found on the Spiritual Wellbeing page Primary students: this can be found on Seesaw. Secondary students: you will find these in SEQTA in MyEd.

Can I still have counselling sessions online?

Not for the majority of our students in the event of school closure. We have explored different platforms to facilitate online counselling sessions for all students, however there are some concerns about the security of providing telehealth sessions. Additionally, we may not be able to guarantee the confidentiality of an online session that takes place as this will depend on your location, and who is present at the same location as you. The Counselling team will be supporting all our existing students by liaising with your parents.

If I want to speak with someone about my wellbeing, what should I do?

Please approach your parents/homeroom teacher as your first port of call. Otherwise, you can access some helpful resources on the Wellbeing page.

What should I do if I am worried about a friend/ feeling lonely/ someone in my online classroom is not treating me respectfully?

If you are worried about a friend or you are feeling lonely, you can:

If someone in your online classroom is not treating you respectfully, you can: Gather evidence and report the issue to your class teacher. If this is happening across multiple classes - please talk to your Stage Coordinator.

What happens if I need to contact a Counsellor about an appointment?

You can still email the school counsellor who you work with for an appointment request, and they will confirm your appointment. Please be aware that if a school counsellor receives an email and they become concerned about your wellbeing, they will contact your parents immediately.

What happens if I need additional support outside of the classroom?

If you need additional support in your academic classroom, please contact your classroom teacher via the Teams Chat or private email as your first point of call. If you need further support, please contact the Learning Support Coordinator between 8:00-3:10pm.

What happens if I usually access educational support? Can I still access this support online?

The Learning Support Team will be available during school hours and accessible to those students who already have a working relationship with members of this department. You will have access to the support staff via the Learning Support Team.

Can I email my regular support teacher?

Yes you can. They will direct you to continue the conversation with them on the Teams site.

Will homework club be made available?

No, during this phase of remote learning there will be no homework club.

Can I get help during class time?

Yes, but if you are in a lesson you will need to let your classroom teacher know. It is important that you wait until the teacher has finished giving lesson instructions before leaving. In most lessons you will be given instructions first then given some individual/small group time to work. This is the best time to see a support teacher.


Is all Co-Curricular and Extra-Currlicular activities cancelled for Term 2?

In short, depends. You are best to look on the Extra-Curricular page for updates.

What will happen with my private Music lessons?

Your private Music tutor will contact you and your parents. Lessons will continue to be delivered by the online platform but lesson times might be changed. If you have a private Music lesson during a timetabled class, use the chat function in Teams to let your teacher know you are leaving the class and explain why. Your Music tutor will initiate a call with you to start your lesson.

How will the school support online learning for performance-based courses such as Visual Arts, Drama, Music, Film, Design and PE?

We will use live lessons via teams, videos of PE workouts and performances. You can video your performance etc and submit to your teacher via SEQTA. The Sport Department have also posted a workout video for parents and students to do at home.

What is happening with Music Ensembles?

For the remainder of the Term 1, rehearsals have been suspended. The music team are investigating and working on possibilities to deliver an altered Music Ensemble Program moving forward. It is important that students take their instruments home and not leave in the storerooms while the school is in 'Remote Learning' mode. For Term 2, please refer to the Extra-Curricular page for further updates.

Term 2 (Face-to-Face)

When will normal face-to-face learning resume?

The State Government has indicated that NSW public schools will have a staggered return to face-to-face learning, commencing in Week 3 of Term 2 (May 11), and that it is hoped that schools will operate as normal from the start of Term 3. The State Government has acknowledged that this path will vary from school to school.

From Week 3, we will bring back allocated year groups fulltime (5 days a week) for face-to-face learning.

Once a year group returns to onsite, face-to-face classes, they will remain fulltime for the remainder of the term. i.e Year 11 will return May 11 and will continue to be oniste for weeks 4, 5 and beyond.

The start dates are as follows:

Week 3: Monday, 11 May
  • Prep & Kindergarten
  • Year 11

Week 4: Monday, 18 May
  • Year 1 & Year 3
  • Year 5 & Year 7
  • Year 10
Week 5: Monday, 25 May
  • Year 2 & Year 4
  • Year 6 & Year 8
  • Year 9

Can my child attend even if their class isn't returning?

Yes. All students are welcome on campus. Students in other year groups are welcome to attend school even if their year group isn't returning at that time.

Please note, prior to the scheduled return of a class, students will continue with their online learning platform in a supervised setting and will NOT be involved in face-to-face learning until their allocated week.

How will the school manage the Health & Hygiene of students?

  • As students arrive at school, they will have their temperature taken with an infrared thermometer and will be required to sanitise their hands.

  • We will increase cleaning of all surfaces regularly

  • Bathrooms will be cleaned twice daily

  • Throughout the day we will be encouraging students to wash and clean their hands frequently.

  • Playground equipment will be cleaned after lunch and recess and we are asking that students bring their own drink bottles.

If your child is sick or has flu-like symptoms, please do not send them to school and contact your doctor for COVID-19 clearance before returning to school.

Are parents allowed onsite in Term 2?

No. We continue to ask that all non-essential visitors remain offsite.

  • Staff will continue to supervise the Kiss and Drop zone to ensure all non-essential site visitors remain in vehicles.

  • Please drop your child at the Kiss and Drop zone in the basement where teachers will greet your child, take their temperature and sanitise their hands (all parents/carers are to remain in their vehicles).

What if our household has someone that is high-risk?

We understand that some students are part of high-risk households and have the need to self-isolate due to COVID-19. Please contact your Head of School to discuss a plan for the rest of term 2 if you are part of the following groups:

  • live with individuals aged 65 years and over;
  • are indigenous (as they have higher rates of chronic illness); or
  • have or live with individuals with a chronic medical condition.

I have students in different years, can they attend school on the same day?

The allocation of face-to-face days for Prep to Year 11 will not take account for sibling relationships. However, if necessary, families may send their chidlren for school-based supervision on any day. Students will continue with their Remote Learning while supervised.

What if I am not comfortable to send my child to school for face-to-face learning?

We appreciate this may remain a concern. However, the Government expectation is that schools will transition to face-to-face learning from Week 3 of this term. For those who choose not to attend, each lesson will continue to have an online lesson, outlining the day's tasks for that subject. This will contiue to be in SEQTA for Secondary students, or Seesaw for Primary students. Note: Microsoft Team meetings will cease once a Year group has transitioned to face-to-face learning.

Will my child need to wear the school uniform when at school?

Yes. The normal expectations and arrangements for uniform in Term 2 will apply for both face-to-face learning and school-based supervision. However, during this time of remote learning, it has made it difficult to source all winter uniform items. For this reason, there will be a grace period during this transition phase. By the commencement of Week 5, the expectation is that all students are in the correct Winter uniform.

Will my child still be able to access remote learning on days when they are not scheduled to be at school?

Yes, remote learning will continue to operate in its current format for the weeks when a child's given class is not scheduled to attend school and/or up until all students are scheduled to return to school for face-to-tace learning.

Will remote learning still be available after all classes have returned to full time onsite learning?

Yes. Remote Learning will still be operating, in a modified format, after onsite classes return. We understand that there will be some families for whom the remote learning platform remains the most suitable form of learning due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Note: Microsoft Team meetings will cease once a Year group has transitioned to face-to-face learning.

How do I purchase school uniform items?

The uniform shop is still open on Thursdays between 8:30-9:30am for students only. Alternatively, orders can be placed by parents on Flexischools. Any order placed by 4pm Wednesday will be available for pickup after 12pm Thursdays. For Junior school orders, these are delivered to the classroom. For Middle & Senior students, orders can be picked up form the front office. For parents wanting to collect this directly, please call the office and the order can be delivered to you at the Kiss & Drop area.

Is the canteen still open?

Yes. The canteen is open during Recess and Lunch. Lunch orders must be placed by 8am through flexischools. Junior School are able to purchase at snacks at lunch only, while Middle & Senior students can purchase snacks at recess and lunch. The menus are available on skoolbag, or, can be found here: Term 2 Menu Term 2 Meal Deals

Where do students go when they arrive late to school?

Students arriving late to school will be required to contact the office for assistance. Students will have their termperatures checked and provided with hand sanitiser.

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