• Building community and staying connected is an important part of the pastoral program at Wahroonga. We will continue to use our structures to allow for this.  

  • A balanced approach is important to establish a daily routine and that enough time has been allocated away from the screen. Ensuring that there are breaks taken during the recess and lunchtime will enable students an opportunity to move away from their workspace, participate in physical activity and connect with friends and family. Students should use these times to have something nutritious to eat and drink. Recess, lunch and after school hours should include activities that promote positive wellbeing and limit additional screen time. 

  • The Wellbeing Coordinator will continue to recommend ways to prioritise self-care whilst at home and a range of resources and links to external support organisations will be available on the Wellbeing page. 

  • Remember to take time for prayer each day. Students should ensure that they place the Wahroonga values at the core of what they do; in the way they think, act and speak. 

Staying Connected 
  • Students are encouraged to remain connected by contacting teachers if there are any concerns and a need for support. 

  • It will be important that students remain connected with their peers. Encourage open conversation about how they are feeling and sharing their experiences with their friends. 

Getting support 
  • Students should not hesitate to ask for help, particularly if they are feeling overwhelmed or struggling to manage. In addition to classroom teachers, and Heads of School, students should also reach out to parents and family members if they are feeling overwhelmed. Additional resources and links to external organisations to support student's wellbeing will be available on the Wellbeing page

  • Counsellors are available if you are on site during the school day and make an appointment. 

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