Where possible, communication from the School will occur through the online portal.  You will receive notifications to alert you to updates and communication from the Principal. There may be instances where direct email is still necessary.

Access to Teachers 

Contact time and direct teaching when engaging in online learning will be different from your child's experience when attending school and receiving face-to-face teaching and learning. Lessons will occur via the online platforms described in the guide. 


Our aim is to respond to student enquiries as soon as possible, however, this may be within a 24 hour period. Teachers will be spending time preparing learning materials for their students to access remotely in between delivering online lessons. 

Video Conferencing 

In order to maintain a personal connection to the School and to maximise opportunities to continue learning, Wahroonga Adventist School has adopted Microsoft Teams as the platform of choice for video conferencing or engaging live with individuals or groups of students. Students have the Teams app in order to access conferences easily. Live video lessons and activities will be recorded, so that students who are unable to participate live for any reason will be able to access the session at a later time. These recording will be securely uploaded to the appropriate class platform, which will not be accessible to users outside of the school community. Teams ties in seamlessly with the other Microsoft applications already used by students and teachers. 

In order to safeguard the privacy of our students and staff, we request that no part of video conferencing is captured by parents or shared on social media or spaces outside of the official school portal. If you would prefer not to have your child participate in video conferencing, please notify the Head of School.

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