Attendance & engagement

  • Students will be expected to be available for learning via online platforms for each of their timetabled lessons.  

  • Parents are asked to inform the school if their child is unwell and therefore unable to engage with the online learning platforms each day.  They will be required to notify by logging an Absence Notification in Skoolbag or email as per the usual process.  

  • If a teacher is unwell and cannot be available for their timetabled lessons they will communicate (via email) with their classes for the day to indicate that they are absent.  Students will be required to continue with the set work for their lesson independently and the teacher will check the work once they have returned to their timetabled lessons. Where possible, another teacher may Video Conference in and conduct the lesson.  

  • In the event of a prolonged absence of a teacher, a substitute teacher will be provided. 

  • Teachers will monitor student attendance for each timetabled lesson via their own class spreadsheet.  If it is evident that students are not present/active in the lesson, teachers will email them to request their attendance.   

  • If a classroom teacher observes a pattern of absence they will report this to the student’s Head of School.

  • The Homeroom teacher will monitor patterns of absence. If they notice patterns of absence from the online learning environments for any student, this concern will be communicated to parents. 

positive behaviour & engagement 

In keeping with the Wahroonga Student Code of Behaviour, students are to: 

  • Actively engage in their learning and continue to work in a positive learning environment.  

  • Work to achieve one’s best in all aspects of their online learning, completing tasks with integrity and academic honesty. 

  • Do their best to meet timelines, commitments and due dates. 

  • Communicate proactively with their teachers if they cannot meet deadlines or require additional support. 

  • Collaborate and support their peers in their learning. 

  • Seek support and communicate with school staff as individual needs arise.

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