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  • A day will run as per the modified timetable of a student, which will need to be followed each school day. Teachers will be available for a video conference for each lesson and will share resources on the platform that is used for their class.  It is recommended that students keep their Student Handbook close by so that they can write down any tasks that they need to return to later. Teachers will also structure their lessons so that students have some time to work off devices and have a short break between each of their lessons.   

  • Lessons will include a combination of activities which will include teacher-student interaction, direct instruction, peer collaboration and independent work. Teachers will be available during the lesson to support students with learning and provide feedback. 

  • Most subjects will follow their usual Scope and Sequence.  

  • In some cases, adjustments may be made to the order of topics to allow for more effective online learning, whilst still adhering to NESA syllabus requirements. 

  • Practical subjects will continue within the Online remote environment where possible.  

  • Year 8 - 50hr Electives will cease during the Remote Learning phase.


  • Each teacher will create a collaboration space for students to ask questions during their lesson.  It is important that students use this space to ask questions or email their teacher after the lesson if clarification is needed about any of the tasks. 


  • Where possible, the goal is to continue assessment programs through the online program to ensure continuity of learning. 

  • Informal (formative and ongoing) assessment tasks for students across Years 5-11 will continue via the virtual learning platforms to ensure teachers can monitor student work and progress.  These tasks do not require formal notification and can occur at any point within a lesson. They are designed to assist students with their learning and inform teachers of student progress.

  • Formal assessment tasks will still occur within the online environment but may look and feel a little different to what students would normally experience. 

  • The Learning Team are reviewing any assessment tasks scheduled across Years 5-11 during the delivery of Remote Learning. Students will be notified of any revised approaches that will be taken with assessment tasks. As always, written notification will be provided for all formal tasks and 2 weeks’ notice will be provided.  

  • Students are advised to engage with the Assessment Handbook and Calendar to ensure that they are following the guidelines for assessment.   

  • Normal school policy will apply regarding the submission of assessment tasks; if a student is unwell and unable to submit tasks by the due date they will need to notify their teacher by email. Students will be required to follow the Illness/Misadventure policy and process. 

  • The Illness/Misadventure forms can found in SEQTA under School Documents or by clicking the below links:


Illness/Misadventure Forms:


  • Teachers will provide details of how work is to be submitted. This may be by completing online quizzes or completing learning activities through other platforms including but not limited to, MyEd Online, Education Perfect, OneNote. Formal (summative) assessment tasks will be submitted online via SEQTA.   

  • At times students will still need to work in physical workbooks or on practical work. Students may be asked to photograph their work and upload it to a specified location. 


  • Teachers will continue to provide feedback on Formal assessments through SEQTA or may annotate a PDF document and return via email. 


Diverse Learning 
  • Learning Support will be available each day to support students online. 

Contacts for Learning Support

Additional support
  • Students can access the Studyskills Handbook remotely via this link (Links to an external site).

  • This site contains resources advising students on how to manage their time, how to plan their independent study and how to work effectively online and with technology.   

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